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Mike Archangelo is an emerging pop artist from New Jersey, now located in Los Angeles. In a few short years, this independent, multi-talented singer, guitarist, pianist, songwriter, and producer has played sold out venues, garnered more than 10 million streams and millions of views on social media, and been featured on network television. Mike started performing at just 3 years old, singing in his grandfather’s church. He grew up in a family of rock super-fans: “My dad introduced me to decades of stuff that inspired me as a kid. Billy Joel, Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana, Alice In Chains––I lived and breathed rock.” Mike picked up the piano at age 6 and taught himself to play guitar at age 10. Inspired by his influences, he fronted his first rock band at age 12. Although the band only lasted a year, HAy-WyRE won several battles of the bands throughout New Jersey, even competing against groups twice their age.


Three years later, Mike started a new band, Siravo, which went on to release multiple albums and achieve great success in the Philadelphia area. “We’ve done some amazing things together,” Mike shares. “From hearing our music spun on our favorite radio stations, to winning PHL Live’s Artist of the Year, to playing two massive festivals (Rock Allegiance and MMRBQ) at 25,000-cap venues and sharing the stage with some of our heroes, like Shinedown, Papa Roach, Evanescence, and Joan Jett––I’m so proud of everything we’ve accomplished.” The band features Mike’s powerful, high vocal range, and his blazing guitar skills. In fact, those guitar skills landed Mike in the top 5 of a national guitar competition called “Best In Shred,” where he performed for a panel of guitar legends, including Steve Vai, George Lynch, and Herman Li (Dragonforce).


And yet, even in the face of his success with rock music, Mike knew he had more to say as an artist. “I started feeling the urge to make pop, which was crazy for me, because I didn’t even listen to pop before college.” He attended Drexel University to study music production and business, and that’s when it all changed. “It started with listening to the production on pop songs when I would go to parties. I gained a lot of appreciation for it. Then I focused on the melodies and vocal delivery. Singing along with artists like Ariana Grande, Charlie Puth, Adele, Justin Bieber––I felt like I could use more parts of my voice with pop music, but still merge it with the high-range stuff I did with rock, and I loved that.” In 2015, Mike started posting covers of Top 40 hits on YouTube, and his channel quickly gained traction. In 2016, his cover of Sia’s “Bird Set Free” was featured as the theme song for Ukraine’s adaptation of The Biggest Loser. His covers of “Easier” (5SOS), “If The World Was Ending” (JP Saxe & Julia Michaels), and “Bad Habits” (Ed Sheeran) have all been featured on SiriusXM, and others have been shared on Warner Music Group’s Cover Nation.

Mike’s acclaimed covers then attracted DJs and producers from around the world interested in collaborating on original music. “I didn’t see it coming,” says Mike. “To be honest, I was still kind of afraid to release any original music that wasn’t a rock song. I thought I'd be perfectly happy hiding behind other people’s music for a while.” But when he received a pair of EDM tracks from Netherlands-based DJ Jimmy Hardwind, he knew it was time. “Jimmy sent me two instrumentals, and I just knew I had to write to them. Especially this song we called ‘Want Me.’ It was so beautiful, and the melodies and lyrics just instantly poured out of me.” That song, “Want Me,” went on to earn Mike more than 2,000,000 streams. “The collab requests started pouring in. I was getting like 5-10 per week for a while.” Mike has since released more than 20 singles, all collaborations with other artists, including rising stars like jeonghyeon, JRL, and Luxe Agoris. In addition to the success of “Want Me,” his track “Last Forever” has been streamed more than 1 million times, and “More,” “Wild Youth,” and “Hold On” have each rocketed past half a million streams. In 2022, a few of these songs caught the attention of Disney executives, which landed Mike a voiceover spot on the Disney Channel hit show Big City Greens (S3E14).


Mike is now gearing up for his next big release––an EP he wrote, performed, and produced entirely on his own in his home studio. Mike gets more personal than ever with these songs, sharing some difficult stories about his life outside of music. This highly anticipated EP promises to be yet another evolution of Mike’s sound and is currently slated for release in 2024.

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